John Cusack: Why has he not married yet?

John Cusack: Why has he not married yet?

John Cusak has many people wondering why he has never been married. He has been highly successful in everything he reaches out to do, but it seems he has not found Ms. Right. This fact is somewhat of a shock for many people because John Cusack is such a loveable character.


When he is not filming, John rarely makes his presents known to the public eye. During interviews, he remains somewhat tight lipped about his private life. Although, John has been noted as dating a slew of beautiful women, none of them have captured his heart. These beauties include Neve Campbell, Lili Taylor, Minnie Driver and British born actress Claire Forlani. John has also been known to be involved with Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Alison Eastwood, who happen to do a Playboy photo shoot in their February 2003 issue.wikipedia


John lives an active life outside of his acting career. He has many hobbies, such as helicopter flying,  snowboarding and kickboxing. He is not a man who has fully taken in all the fame that he has acclaimed. He enjoys his privacy and does not get into the glamor of Hollywood. When possible, he dodges any type of media coverage, so fans usually only see him during a peak of a movie promotion.


He did share that he has not met obtained his ultimate goal of creating, “a great piece of art.” Perhaps, that goal may also hold the key to his lack of a marriage commitment. He seems somewhat driven to fulfill the things he envisions, and it is highly speculated that he will not allow distractions to get in his way.


John is not a fellow to be taken lightly. It seems he really wants to be in love, but has not been swayed by anyone enough to pop the question. In an interview with Total Film he reviled, “It’s definitely… a different reality. It’s also not all good. It has its downsides too. A lot of women who meet me, aren’t meeting me, they’re meeting their ambition or they’re meeting their relationship to celebrity. A lot of times when I’m meeting women, I’m waiting for them to start having a conversation with me. I’m thinking, “Are you done yet? Let me know when you’re done and then maybe you can start talking to me.”


WOW… so that hits it home. John has a very hard time meeting a woman who is actually into him and not the ambition he has worked so hard to achieve. This doesn’t stop his fans from falling in love with him on the big screen. John is both cute and intriguing, which are characteristics that are easy to fall in love with.


So, until Ms. Right comes along and sweeps John off his feet, he will continue leading a life that is notoriously private. There really isn’t much not to love about John Cusack. He is sexy, ambitious, goofy, and filled with mystery. Perhaps, once that ultimate goal is obtained, John’s mind will be more open to the art of love. Only time will tell if this Hollywood bachelor will settle down with one lucky lady. Until then, we can all hang back and day dream about becoming his bride. home